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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston dressed as each other’s characters at a Breaking Bad cast party.

This is probably the best gif ever

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I loved the Courtney Love and Dave Grohl’s hug at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in tribute to Kurt Cobain! Looks like we can finally listen to Hole and Foo Fighters without people talking shit about it.
Don’t give up. You’re gonna encounter all kinds of obstacles. Whether it’s trying to get better at playing your instrument or trying to book your first show or criticism or trying to find an original sound. Don’t ever give up. Just keep following the direction you want to go in, go down every road. Just have faith in yourself because when you get out there not a lot of people have faith in you at first especially when you’re first starting. Just practice a lot and you’ll grow if you let it happen. - Brody Dalle (via tragic—youth)
I was a bit of a slut, to be honest. I was always here today, gone tomorrow, but when I met Brody I was like I’m here today and I’m coming back tomorrow…I went back to do those Desert Sessions, and you can tell what I was going through because I was writing stuff like ‘Dead In Love’ and ‘I Wanna Make It Wit Chu’. I was so in love, I was totally revelling in it so much, I was a little paralysed. - Josh Homme on Brody Dalle (via my-pink-hymen)

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